Tartan Design and Registration Service

With over 50 years of experience, Piob Mhor of Scotland are proud to offer a full tartan design and registration service. Whether you are looking for a Clan, Family, Corporate, Club or Personal tartan, we can accommodate for all. Over the years we have designed and registered many tartans including the 'Official Dundee Utd FC', 'Official Arbroath FC', 'Heart of Scotland', 'Alt Dubh' and many more. Below is a guide to how we can help you have your own exclusive tartan.
  • We listen to your ideas and visions
  • We come up with a few different designs based on your brief
  • We ask you to sign a sign off sheet confirming colours and sett size
  • We register your design with The Scottish Register of Tartans
  • We then have your design woven into your tartan
 Prices and timescale will depend on various factors including
  • The amount of tartan you want woven
  • The complexity of your design
  • The colours chosen
  • The production schedule of the weavers
Please use the form below for prices and any questions/queries you have and we will be more than happy to help.
Official Dundee Utd FC Tartan (CAD Drawing)
Official Dundee Utd FC
Heart of Scotland Tartan (CAD Drawing)
Heart of Scotland
Alt Dubh Tartan (CAD Drawing)
Arbroath FC Tartan (CAD Drawing)

All Tartans

Please note that some tartans may need to be woven. We will advise on timescales if needed. If there is another tartan that you are looking for that is not listed then please do not hesitate to ask